Planet Weekly

Planet Weekly was an alternative weekly newspaper in Jackson, Mississippi. It was founded in the 90s and was brought to a halt in 2005. As a tabloid newspaper, it had one main "cover story" to each issue. I began as a guest editorial writer, became a columnist and writer, and later the newspaper's staff writer. I wrote for the paper between 2003 and 2005.

Interviews - Each interview listed here was a cover story in its own right.

David Banner - Jackson, Mississippi-based rapper/producer/actor.

Darrah Johnson - Fondly-remembered Mississippi-based "Survivor" contestant.

Rebekah Potter - Jackson-based multimedia artist, now working in New Mexico.

Dr. Ronald Mason, Jr. - President of Jackson State University, a historically-black university.

Harvey Johnson - Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi from 1997-2005, and from 2005 on. He was the first African-American mayor of Jackson.

David Cobb - Green Party presidential candidate in 2004, now a member of the Sierra Club and Green Institute.

Columns - My column was known as "The Bipolar Extremist" and "From the Extremes" -- same thing, different name.

"2004 Post-Election Blahs"

"Adrift on the Sea of Consciousness"

"Bumper Sticker Politics, or the Band That Scared Your Mom Has Sold Out"

"Choose Your Own Election"

"Civil Unions"

"Conventional Migraine"

"Crossroads Film Festival Post-Game Report"

"Deserve vs. Desire"

"A Farewell to Johnny Ramone"

"Geek Flag Ideologies"

"Head vs. Heart"

"The Healing Power of Violence"

"People Are Afraid"

"The Politics of Death"

"The Predator Connection"

"A Random Bit of Twaddle, Geeks, and Frank Melton and the Maytals"

"Run, Rudolph, Run!"

"Santa Claus's Political Affiliations (With Footnotes)

"Where the Hell Are Them Chemical Weapons?"

Planet Weekly articles and features

International Museum of Muslim Cultures - a cultural museum unique to the Western Hemisphere

The American Astronaut - story about the cult independent movie and its creator, Cory McAbee

Rugby Gets in Your Blood - about the Jackson Rugby Football Club

Brian Fuente - feature about Jackson-based musician

Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer - book review

Jay Fleming - feature about Jackson-based artist

New Life for Women - article about women's rehabilitation center

Magic on the Court - feature about Jackson wheelchair basketball team

2004 Juried Student Exhibition Competition - arts feature

New Vibrations - business article

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