Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Melbourn's Storm" -- Lore Magazine

LORE volume 2, number 2

My short story, "Melbourn's Storm," is now in print, in the periodical LORE, volume 2, number 2. If you are looking for a little dark reading, check out the book -- now on sale at the LORE website and on

...and in case you do pick up a copy of the book, or you already have, how about stopping by Amazon to do a real, honest review? Nothing will do a publisher better good than a good review or two.

(And need I point out to the morally sound readers of this blog not to write a bogus one? I thought not.)

Twelve great tales inhabit these pages:

"Enshrined" - Bridget Coila
"Finny Moon" - Keith P. Graham
"Congregate" - Steve Rasnic Tem
"One in a Billion" - Colin Heintze
"Asylum" - Stephen Mark Rainey
"The House of Dreams" - Nyki Blatchley
"Electric Souls on a Starless Planet" - J.P. Boyd
"Lost in Darkness" - Jeremy Harper
"Melbourn's Storm" - Nickolas Furr
"Can Spring Be Far Behind?" - Jeff Samson
"Tumor is the Night" - Corey Mariani
"Nzambe" - Denise Dumars
Plus an awesome cover by Christopher Allen!

So if you get a chance, pick it up. If you can, write a review. If you can't, let me know what you think. All y'all readers who have stuck with me know how much I treasure your feedback. Thank you!

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